Cold SZN


Stay inside! It’s WAY too cold to go out, haha. No for real, how cold is this weather? It’s the first time in years that it is that cold. I can’t feel my hands after 4 minutes walk outside, and I’m being serious. Put on your scarf and gloves if you decide to go coffee crawl, just like I did ;).

My friends Tiffany, Katrina and I wanted to go for coffee at Le Brûloir, one of my favourite coffee shop. It is in a nice area; Ahuntsic. Very welcoming and quiet neighbourhood. We sat there for about two hours, talking about life in general. That’s what I love about coffee dates: there’s absolutely not pressure. You can enjoy a nice warm coffee (who’s not that warm after two hours), and eat some homemade pastries.

In Montréal, we have the chance to have so many different coffee shops with different vibes. Each one of them are unique and I love discovering new cafés, tasting new flavours, sit down and enjoy some good times with friends. As I don’t drink any alcohol, coffee places are my jam!

For you and I, here’s a list of some coffee shops in Montreal I want to visit/try this year.

  • Le Baobab Café
  • Boxermans
  • My Little Cup
  • Café M
  • Caffe Farina
  • La Stellina
  • Café Boutique Archive
  • Café Perko
  • Cafe 8 oz
  • MELK
  • Cafe Bloom
  • Hof Kelsten
  • Farine

Cheers, to many more coffee and matcha and tea and hot chocolate and earl grey and London fog! xo

outfit details ✿ blouse from H&M ✿ fluffy sweater from Zara ✿ jewels all from Pandora ✿ bag from Chanel

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