December through my phone

  1. Right after brunch with my friend Vera
  2. Enjoying a Starbucks Christmas drink (my faves!!!)
  3. Christmas market – Le Grand Marché de Noël de Montréal
  4. Fun brunch date
  1. Relax morning at Hôtel Pur Québec
  2. Enjoying a cup of coffee at this cute place called Automne Boulangerie
  3. Fresh lunch time at Sibéria Spa
  4. Night night in downtown Montréal
  1. My favourite hot chocolate powder! Add warm milk and two scoops of this and tears of joy are happening
  2. Another Christmas market, this one in Atwater. CHURROS!
  3. Breakfast date in Villeray. It was good and full of yummy fruits
  4. Solo breakfast break at Café St-Henri. I enjoy those a lot
  1. The only time I had ramen this month, which is kinda rare for me.
  2. Trying new clothes on at h&m
  3. Pizza date with my lovely friends
  4. Catching up with my friend Loïza
  1. The brunch I made at home. Fun times!
  2. Visiting a Christmas house! It was magical
  3. Sushi date are my faves
  4. Views. From the Fairmont Queene Elizabeth hotel, Montreal

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