June through my phone

– – –


Another month flew by. I have to say, June was a month full of surprises and organization. I had a lot of changes in my life and I became kinda anxious, but I’m happy and I have no regret. June is also the month where I moved out of my family house and even though I thought my moving day would be a mess, it went pretty smoothly. I had good helpers and I am very grateful for that. This is also the month where I learned to let go all the toxic things in my life; as in all the negative people, all the extra materialistic stuff. It feels great.

  1. A meal I enjoyed near the beach in Portugal. The food was great and so cheap.
  2. Exploring my new neighbourhood. Everything is so cute here, even the floors.
  3. A night out exploring Pointe-Claire’s village. It’s a quiet spot to take some fresh air.
  4. Definitely my favourite thing in the summer.


  1. Eating breakfast at my new apartment. Very simple breakfast but so good. Nutella!!
  2. Hardly smiling. Wanted to show my mom the dress I was wearing that day. It was a super sad day, on my way to my friend’s funerals. (I love you, Joff).
  3. A Thursday evening well spent with some blogger friends. Oysters and cocktails (I don’t drink, but I sure eat) at Mayfair.
  4. A casual outfit of the day. Everything is from Frank+Oak, except for the Aritzia hat.

Enjoy the month of July y’all! Summer goes by so fast. Go out, explore, eat on a terrasse, have ice cream with friends, go to the beach, or a weekend road trip?

happy summer! xo

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