First night in Europe


As you may or may not know, I recently bought a last minute ticket to Acores, Portugal. I was feeling like getting away from Montreal for a while, and my friend Brenda randomly sent me a texto saying: “going to Portugal on June 6th, wanna come?” I mean… HELL YEA!

Acores are the small islands near Portugal and the one I am in right now is called Sao Miguel island. It is my first time traveling that far from home. It feels great to discover a new country, a new continent a new time zone. Here are some photos of my first night in the city; enjoying a Portuguese fiesta in Santa Cruz. Lots of food trucks, Latin music and friendly people.

My first night was involving me being very jet lagged and me dealing with this hot weather. I decided to wear my favourite dress from Old Navy; which is by the way very comfortable and so easy to put on. Oh! Can we talk about this sunset? There is no filter applied on those sunset photos.

Goodnight for now, from Acores — Portugal. I’ll update you guys soon with some more photos. Until then; you can always check out my Instagram page. Xx

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