Spring inspo

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I heard it’s finally Spring, haha! – I was looking through Instagram the other day and I kept adding photos to my “saved” page. (You knew that there was a saved page on IG, right?). I didn’t. Haha. So yeah, as soon as I knew it existed, I started adding photos in there. I felt this very calming Spring vibe all over Instagram and wanted to share with you some seasonal inspiration. Those are also few of my fave accounts!

  1. Un smoothie aux petits fruits et un cappuccino. Mes deux breuvages prefs. // Berry smoothie and a cappuccino. My two fave drinks! insta
  2. L’hiver dernier, j’ai teins mes cheveux en blond super pâle. Maintenant, j’aimerais avoir quelque chose du genre : un balayage! Un mix de brun pâle et de blond. En fait, je vais montrer cette photo à ma coiffeuse, haha! // In the winter time, I dyed my hair super light. A very light blonde. Now, I want to change that a bit and have half light brown and half blonde. I’ll show that exact same picture to my hair stylist! 😉 insta
  1. Two words : Need coffee. insta
  2. J’aime tout de ce outfit. Simple, facile et de beaux contrastes. En plus, son teint de peau est juste parfait. Puis-je être bronzé? // I like everything about this outfit. It’s easy, simple and I like the contrasts. Also, can I have her tan? Please? insta
  1. J’ai envie de découvrir de nouveaux cafés. Vous savez à quel point j’aime ça, oui? // I want to discover new coffee shops. You know my love for coffee crawling, right? insta
  2. Plus de fruits et plus d’énergie. // More fruits and more energy. Yay! insta
  1. Plus de sorties entre amis. Ça fait du bien juste de prendre un bon matcha et de jaser. // More hang out with friends. It feels good to chill down with someone you love and have a good moment. insta
  2. Des fleurs. J’ai envie d’inclure des fleurs partout dans ma chambre. Ça sent bon, c’est beau, ça donne de la vie. // Flowers. I feel like buying flowers every day and adding them to my room! I love flowers. They smell good and they are so pretty. If you ever want to make me happy… buy me flowers! Haha, kidding. (not) insta

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