April wish list

Chaque mois passe tellement vite. À la fin du mois, on dirait que j’ai rien fais de ce que je voulais faire. J’ai décidé de commencer à faire une liste de souhaits ou de buts à atteindre à chaque mois. Je vais essayer de cocher le plus de choses possibles sur ma liste. On y va!

Every months go by so freaking fast. At the end, I feel like I haven’t done anything or haven’t crossed anything on my wish list. I decided to do this thing: a monthly wish list/goals. I’ll try to do as many things I can. The main goal is to check everything on this list at the end of the month. Let’s do this!

  1. Do 30 minutes exercise everyday;
  2. Read a full book (Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur);
  3. Buy a ticket plane to anywhere;
  4. Go on a road trip (even a short one);
  5. Write at least 2 blog posts every week;
  6. Worry less. Smile more;
  7. Do a huge closet clean up and donate the extra clothes;
  8. Start vlogging again. You enjoy doing it!
  9. Strech your body every morning;
  10. Drink 2L of water everyday.

Quelle est la première chose sur ta liste? // And you, what is your April first thing to do? 🙂


Have an amazing month babes! xo

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